Kev’s Lotus

Lotus 40

Another restoration project for Kevin M.

Lotus40 can-am car by Tamiya from the 1960’s. Chassis is alloy sidewinder with adjustable rear suspension. Powered by Mabuchi 36D motor.








IMG_5207 IMG_5208 IMG_5211

Vintage Tinplate

Scalextric Tin Plate Ferrari 375

Another lovely old car on display, thanks to Kevin M for sharing. The “gimbal” pickup guide is amazing.


Kevin Writes:- “Scalextric Tin Plate Ferrari 375, C 1957-1959. Motor and rear axle are integrated into one unit, gimbal wheel pickup guide. One rear wheel has hard rubber for drive, the other three are hard plastic, helping the car slide into corners. The driver figure is moulded from rubber.




Sean’s Truck!

Sean is always working on something new. This truck has been developing over a few weeks/months I imagine. Looks great.

Not sure about the JPS on the Fly prime mover and the other manufacturer of cancer sticks on the trailer, but it still looks good.

Disclaimer – “Slotmasters Slot car club does not endorse smoking!” (Unless it’s Slot car tyre rubber!)



Kev’s Restoration Project – Tamiya 1/24 Lola Spyder


Kevin M has two of these vintage slot cars, one restored and one a project car he plans to bring up to the same standard. The difference really shows between the restored car and theΒ  Lola still waiting for restoration.

About The Restored Car

“Mid to late 1960’s Tamiya 1/24th scale Lola T70 Spyder Can-Am Car. Inline brass chassis with rear suspension, Mabuchi 36D motor.”

IMG_3953The Yet to be Restored car

“Mid to late 1960’s Tamiya 1/24th scale Lola T70 Spyder Can-Am Car. Inline brass chassis with rear suspension, Mabuchi 26D motor. This car is in the original condition as raced in the 1960s.” (Although it probably looked better in the 60’s – ed.)

I was unaware that Tamiya had ever made Slot Cars! Thanks for sharing this with us Kevin!




Club Cars – Donations wanted

At one of our recent committee meetings it was agreed we would try to put together an assortment of “club cars” to help new starters ease into the full comp.

I have a number of cars I’m looking to donate, but Barry beat me to it. We have our first donation!

I’ll try to clean these cars up and restore to original/class spec. More donations wanted! πŸ™‚

The count so far: 1 x Muscle Car, 1 x LMP

*** UPDATE*** I have been advised that other donations have been made! Kevin M has donated a few cars to the cause. Thanks Kevin.







Project “Skid Pan”

Project “Skid Pan”, a test track to verify tyres and running gear.

Need braid, paint and some DC Volts.IMG_0908

Credit where credit due, this project is inspired by this project.


Grooves for braid! Bit nerve racking but worked ok.


Power has to get in somewhere. Cut the keyhole for the braid. Plastic joiner is a useful insulator! πŸ™‚


Nearly there! Just enough braid with 40mm to spare!


Just need to fill the join and paint. Had to give it a test “drive”! πŸ™‚


Painted, reversing switch and a compact power supply.

Thinks it’s done now! πŸ˜‰