Slotcar Technical


Slot car technology has moved on considerably since inception. At Slotmasters Slot Car club we race on traditional analogue tracks, typically without magnetic traction.

Arguably, we use state-of-the-art cars and controllers, but the tracks require traditional driving techniques and cars that are tuned to perfection!

 The Golden Rules

At Slotmasters we have quite detailed race and car class rules. However there are some rules that are universal for both compliance to race classes and to achieve predictable performance and reliability. Opinions on this will differ, so this list might get refined after some discussion, but here are 10 general rules to think about for 1/32 plastic cars in particular:

  1. Glue all tyres to the rims
  2. Glue the motor
  3. Glue rear axle bearings
  4. Back-off the body screws a little
  5. True the tyres once they are glued
  6. Slick the front tyres to reduce friction
  7. Keep the front tyres touching evenly to the track
  8. Lubricate carefully and sparingly
  9. Remove small flimsy parts from detailed models
  10. Keep the car’s “authentic” look for wheel’s, tyres, wings etc

Controller Wiring

Wiring for Thunderbird raceway flex cord plug-tops.






Plafit 2800J Super F1


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