Historic Sportscar 1/24 scale plafit

With the upcoming Nationals in Adelaide I have built a new car from scratch.

The chassis is a Plafit 1700C and came pre-assembled, but is also available as a kit.

The livery is based on a real car in modern trim. The Chevron B19 is a Cosworth powered “sprinter” from the 1970’s and still very popular in history/club racing (from what I gather from the Net).


This is not using the chassis jig obviously, it’s just a convenient white background. Chassis is as shipped, with Gold bearings, carbon axle, Fox IV motor.

With the body came a “engine silhouette” as the engine in this car is exposed in the rear, four injector intake rams, a cockpit, drivers head and a bit of shrink sleaving for exhaust. The latter I replaced with an exhaust that more closely matches the original car.


The “engine” obscures the chassis and motor, as required by the rules, and looks quite neat. I fitted a small chunk of plastic into the “bubble film” shape and the secured to the bearing holder using a motor stay and a 1/32 slotcar body screw.

The paint is a Tamiya “Metallic Red” backed with silver. Not as dark as the original, but looks awesome.

Chris Osborne of Thunderbird raceway produced the masking film for the stripes and numbers. The numbers are not the same as the original “font”, but still look good.

I have gone a bit further and added a roll cage and the exhaust and I’ve put an air-cleaner on the Injectors. I have detailed photos of the original car, so I went all out to try to match it.

chevron_6 I’m still in two minds about the exhaust, but the original car is comparable. Without measurements this is difficult to get right. It does look better “in the flesh”.


Those stripes… still first time with these stencils and although not my first lexan body, I don’t have a lot of recent experience.


Masking on the filler caps was a partial fail. I learned later I could have fixed this with Brake/clutch fluid to clean off the over-spray. Next time!

Roll cage is probably the most fragile bit. Fortunately I can remove for the race – if officials allow.


I still need wheel inserts, but otherwise this is it.

And now the original car:


See all this car’s detail on this site:

The 1:1 Chevron B19 images.



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