“Marlboro Park” Raceway 2018 events – Season 1?

Sadly is nearly a year since I last documented the racing and the politically incorrect Marlboro Park Raceway! Here we relive past slot car glory while righting the worlds wrongs – in theory at least.

We start the “season” with a very creative Rally style event.

Standard “production sports” cars circa 1977 with “Johnson” motors. Rolly has extensively and scientifically tested all of the available models in a double blind indelible test of performance. From this he developed the following handicaps.

Car Fastest Lap Time Projected laps. (6 mins) Start heat at seconds elapsed. Projected laps with time handicap Start race at
Triumph 9.344 38.5 Scratch 38.5 6 mins
Mini 8.891 40.5 17.5 38.5 5 mins 43s
Datsun 8.867 40.6 18.4 38.5 5 mins 42s
Escort 8.485 42.4 33.1 38.5 5 mins 27s
Porsche 8.422 42.7 35.5 38.5 5 mins 25s
BMW 8.313 43.3 39.7 38.5 5 mins 20s

The Results

Barry 1st Place with the fantastic Ford Escort MK1 RS1600 Mexico

Rolly 2nd Place in the tortoise like but well driven Triumph (but not triumphant) TR7

Gary J 3rd place in the favored BMW 3.0 CSL

Also a noteworthy 4th for Gary E in the Datsun 260Z!

Tragically, the Ford “team” was not able to deliver the 1 & 2 victory in memory of the 1977 Moffat/Bond victory at Bathurst. This probably for the best, saving our host from a tragic aneurysm!