Group 5 Racer Sideways cars to replace Super V8’s next season.

Group 5 Racer Sideways cars to replace Super V8’s next season.

With a view to helping club members prepare for next year’s Scale Model Nationals we will replace Friday’s Super V8 rounds with the Racer Sideways Group 5 cars.

The club committee will be discussing the future of the V8 class shortly, however we will not be running this class for the remainder of the year at this stage.

It is hoped that we will have the new track in place also which should give club members an opportunity to test out this new class and the new track well in advance of the next year nationals. There does appear to be quite some interest in this class.

The class is intended to run to club rules rather than national rules next season with the cars run in out of the box configuration with the exception of foam rear tyres. Shane has been testing and several other members have also have purchased these cars so please take an opportunity to talk to Shane and others about this class.

For the Nationals the cars will run with the following variations to our club rules:-

  • Daylight must be seen under the chassis (club rules require a 1 mm clearance)
  • Weight may be added to the chassis (club rule do not allow the addition of and weight)

We will keep you posted on the class rules for both club racing and the nationals so look out for a newsletter once the rules have been setup.