2014 Program errata

Apologies to anyone confused by the “Upcoming Events” showing races contrary to the latest paper version. Clearly the committee need to to improve on communication in this area, not to mention names (Sheppo). 🙂

Tuesday night was the most impacted. Group C is in February not March, the Rally/Muscle car rounds are in March not February and we are racing 1/24 Scale Auto in April not GT3! Apart from that it was perfect…. :-]

Friday night was unscathed it seems, however I missed a “tag” on Mosler Race that would have seen it “disappear” if the Friday Night Shortcut was chosen by the reader.

Note there is no Racing Easter Friday or ANZAC day. This appears wrong in the printed program.

So that is Season 1. Hopefully Season 2 & 3 will be correct.


2014 Season kicks off

Racing was quite a buzz on Tuesday night with a reasonable turnout (24?) and a one or two new and returned faces!

Open wheeler is often a dramatic event, high speed, cars leaving the track and hitting the floor and so on. On the whole it went well and I believe we all enjoyed it.

Almost surprisingly, Parc Ferme went relatively smoothly. Still a few procedural kinks to iron out, but no drama or delays. Well done Bill J, Sheppo and Chris O for making it work!

We’re using the Parc Ferme dais from the 2011 Nationals. Drivers need a way to keep sticky tyres off the surface – bottle caps and tape rolls were tried!.


Tyres must have excessive tyre softening products removed before racing.