Tuesday Night Champs 2013

The results are in and the trophies awarded!

The long awaited Season 1 trophies and the Season 2 trophies where awarded on the the last Tuesday Race of the year.

Congratulations to all and better luck next time to those of us still chasing the illusive shiny plastic! 🙂


Season 1 & 2 – Div1, Div2, and Clubman podium finishers, from left to right, Colin, Kevin, Gary E, Ian, Marco, Robert, Barry, Travis, Wazza, Gary J, Greg. (Massimo not present).

Committee Meeting 16/12/13

Committee Present: Chris Osborne, Garry Shepley, Bruno Giovannucci, David Robson, Chris R, Ray Sweeting, Bill J

Members Present: Colin, Travis, Marco, Kevin, Wazza, Mike, Charlie, Kevin GR, Barry Phillips, Greg&Paul

Meeting Start 7.35 PM

New Business

Treasurer’s  Report:

Presented by Chris O for Cath. The club’s financial position is sound and the balance amount from members fees and events was announced to those present. This money is kept separate from the takings of Thunderbird Raceway and goes toward trophies, event setup costs (food).
Chris pointed out that there are many costs to running and maintaining the tracks, but this is kept separate to the club. The club race fees pay for the hire of the tracks. Cath is looking into the club having a separate bank account.
Members of Slotmasters that have completed “probation” receive a number of special benefits.
These benefits to members include discounts on most products but not all. Practice time is not charged, unlike other venues. Weekend track use for $8 a day.

Chris is passionate about slotcars and slotcar racing and wants to support the club as much as possible. Chris relies on the support and patronage of Slotmasters Slotcar Club members. This is also his business and livelihood.

Not all events are club run and sponsored e.g. the recent 1/24 enduro run by Shane Atkinson. Shane and his business “Jazzbell” have donated heavily to the club including benches etc, as well has funding some great events.

Class changes such as “Tuesday and Friday night cars being the same” are done to improve the racing, reduce cost and allow members to participate more easily. These decisions are made by committee for members benefit, not to make money for Thunderbird raceway.

How to best use the club funds to benefit members was discussed.
T-shirts, Club pays for setup of design. Members to purchase at cost.

Status of non members – do they continue to race?

Behavior problems? Impact on Club and Raceway.

Working bees and sub committees. Notification of working bees to give opportunity to volunteers to help.

Carry over items from last meeting

Parc Ferme’ – further discussion on the benefits and draft rules for this race procedure.

Trophies to come in a more timely manner. Chris R will be sorting the most current.

Tuesday and Friday night program discussed. Novelty events, be it 2 man or mixed classes will not be for points.

End of year Pizza fun night Santa on Friday.

Next years program and race related discussion

Novelty events – caravans, trucks, drags, show and shine etc.

Friday night Group C allowed in modern sport.

Clubman alloy rims and race guides. Is this in the spirit of clubman? By the time these things are important it’s probably time to move up.

Schedule three club enduros, one per season, same for club meetings.

Meeting closed 9:55 PM