Committee Meeting 18/11/2013

General Meeting

We haven’t had one of these for a while and a lot was discussed.

Meeting Start 7:15 18/11/2013

Present – Chris 0, Gary S, Ray, Bill J, Bruno, Chris R, Robbo

2014 Calendar discussion.

3 Seasons instead of 2? Yes Tuesday and Friday. New draft program by next week.

Too many classes? 8 classes for  Friday and Tuesday. Tuesday may still run split rounds allowing one more class as per Rally/Muscle Car this season.

Club cars for rookies? Committee members to approach for volunteers to donate cars that are suitable for the class but are either superseded or “past their prime”. The idea is to keep new players interested long enough to buy their own.

PRO-AM Race? Last race Friday night is to be a DIV1 plus rookie/Div2 team race. We would like more of these events.

Committee meetings, one per season? We have been slack on meetings. Suggest one per season in 2014, scheduled in advance. There will be more opportunity for members input.

Trophies for Christmas! Trophies have been slow arriving. Chris will make good on current outstanding trophies.

Rules and class changes

Parc Ferme’ for 2014. Draft Rules to circulate. Cars will be not be worked on between heats unless damaged. More details soon.

Rally – Inline Tuesday NSR. Introducing the NSR Rally car models with inline motors as an option for rally.

Racers with physical limitations should marshal the spot they can reach. Slotcars is for everyone, but Marshals have to be positioned where they can actually do their job. This means shuffling marshal positions to suit.

Cars that fail Scrutineering will not race for points unless rectified before the first race. This is an obvious result for failing scrutineering. Model “engineers” should be mindful about being overly aggressive with minimizing ground clearance and basic things like wheel size and fit. Reading the rules might help.

Charging – reminder, courtesy. Plowing through crashed cars at high speed should always be avoided. Damage to both cars is common.

Super V8s – foam tyres allowed? Yes. Foam tyres to be introduced as another option to Super V8s on Fridays.

Meeting Ended 10:30 18/11/2013