2015 Scale Model Nationals

The Nationals are so close! As you can see on the Events page, only a few more club events before the Nationals!

I’ve attached the PDF version of the rules as Supplied by Ray.

These are provided “as is” and are not “sanctioned” by the race organizers! However I’m told these rules have not changed since January 31st 2015.

2015 SMN1/32 Classes

2015 SMN_MC

Note that the poster still shows NASCAR and 1/32 Plafit. These events have been dropped. Slotworx V8s have been added.

SMN Poster

Project “Skid Pan”

Project “Skid Pan”, a test track to verify tyres and running gear.

Need braid, paint and some DC Volts.IMG_0908

Credit where credit due, this project is inspired by this project.


Grooves for braid! Bit nerve racking but worked ok.


Power has to get in somewhere. Cut the keyhole for the braid. Plastic joiner is a useful insulator! 🙂


Nearly there! Just enough braid with 40mm to spare!


Just need to fill the join and paint. Had to give it a test “drive”! 🙂


Painted, reversing switch and a compact power supply.

Thinks it’s done now! 😉