2015 Scale Model Nationals – Day3


Plait Mini-Z

1 Jason Brooks

2 Cameron Neilson

3 Noel  Batson

4 Gregg Treagle

5 Greg Colgan

6 Jules Rutty

Historic Can-Am 1/24

1 Jason Brooks

2 Cam Neilson

3 Ian Sutton 

4  Andrew Shirley

5 Noel Batson

6 Shane Atkinson

Scalextric magnet Muscle under 14


Scalextric magnet Muscle – Amatuers


Scaleauto 1/24

1 Shane Atkinson

2 Jason Brooks

3 Noel Batson

4 Ian Sutton

5 Cameron Neilson

6 Rodney Clarke


2015 Scale Model Nationals – Day2




Slot.it Group C

1. Shane Atkinson

2. Jason Brooks

3. Cameron Neilson

4. John Hanna

5. Greg Treagle

6 Rodney Clarke

Scalextric Under 14


2. Bailey

3. Lachlan

4. Conner

5 James

6 Jorja

7 Ethan

8 Bradley

9 Cooper

Scalextrics – Amateurs

1 Guy

2 Chris D

3 Aaron

4 Ira F

5 Terry

6 Garry E

7 Richard

8 Adam

LMP 1/32

1 Shane Atkinson

2 Jason Brooks

3 Ian Sutton

4 Cameron Neilson

5 Mitch Walker

6 Chris Richardson

LMP 1/24

1 Team NSR, Shane A/Noel

2 Greg and Gary

3 Kim and Cam

Slotworx Aussie V8

1 Team Xtreme

2 Team NSR

3 Team Phoenix

2015 Scale Model Nationals – Day1

First of the Races is today at 12PM!


Results here as the come to hand:

NSR Classics. 

1 Shane Atkinson

2 Jason Brooks

3 Cameron Neilson

4 John Hanna

5 Kevin Wilson


1 Shane Atkinson

2 Jason Brooks

3 Ian Sutton

4 John Hanna

5 Ray Sweeting

6 Cameron Neilson

Group 5

1 Cameron Neilson

2 Jason Brooks

3 Ian Sutton

4 Shane Atkinson

5 Ray Sweeting

6 Rodney Clark 


RIP Richard KIM Forman

Sadly we bid farewell to a Slotcar enthusiast.

Many will know Richard as just “Kim”, a regular racer when his health permitted.

Our condolences to Kim’s family and friends.

IMG_0756Funeral details:
Richard KIM Forman
1.00PM Tuesday 2 jun 2015

Florey chapel
Jubilee complex Centennial park
760 Goodwood rd

We understand the family prefers to not have flowers at the Funeral.

For further information please speak to Terry Rayner. Contact robbo @ slotmasters dot org for Terry’s contact details.
















2015 Scale Model Nationals

The Nationals are so close! As you can see on the Events page, only a few more club events before the Nationals!

I’ve attached the PDF version of the rules as Supplied by Ray.

These are provided “as is” and are not “sanctioned” by the race organizers! However I’m told these rules have not changed since January 31st 2015.

2015 SMN1/32 Classes

2015 SMN_MC

Note that the poster still shows NASCAR and 1/32 Plafit. These events have been dropped. Slotworx V8s have been added.

SMN Poster

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